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Hometown Community Bank Website

Our Mission:

"We strive to promote prosperity within our community by creating an accessible financial environment for our customers to reach their full potential.”


"A group of people having common interests: a farming community; a rural community"

"Sharing, mutual participation, and fellowship"

Fields and sky as far as the eye can see

Our community is composed of you, our customers, our directors, and all of us at THE BANK. From roots in the small town of Winona, Kansas in 1963, THE BANK has expanded to serve the much larger community of northwestern and central Kansas.

We are a leader in the area of agricultural financing, because the economy of northwestern and central Kansas is based primarily upon agriculture and because we enjoy the work and have the experience and expertise to meet the challenge. The financing requirements of the agricultural community have changed dramatically over recent years, and our product and service offerings have kept pace with this change. We do our best to be informed on the latest, proven agricultural production techniques. THE BANK has great confidence in our community's agriculturalists, and we realize that our success is intertwined with yours.

Like any community, ours is a diverse group united by common interests and goals. THE BANK wishes to provide services for all members of our community by also offering a full range of banking products designed for personal and non-agricultural commercial customers.

We would also like to take a moment to say that we are proud of our Directors who come from all across our service area. They have varied business interests and are committed to their local community.


The Farmers State Bank was organized on June 16, 1917, at Page City, Kansas with total capital of $12,000.00. In July of 1935, the bank location was moved to Winona, Kansas. In the summer of 1963, it was purchased by R.L. Gaskill. The following year, Mr. Gaskill moved operations to a new building, where it currently resides at 101 Front Street. After a change in state banking laws, the Farmers State Bank of Winona, became a branch of THE BANK. In 1997, THE BANK of Winona became a branch of THE BANK of Oberlin. Today, we are "THE BANK", with thirteen branches located in communities like yours with virtually the same ownership and management since 1963.


THE BANK had its beginning in Oberlin in November 1985 when R.L. Gaskill formed Decatur Investment, Inc. and purchased the failed assets of Decatur County National Bank from the FDIC. Oberlin joined the ranks of Bob’s other banks, Farmers State Bank of Winona with a branch in Oakley. Originally the institutions stood alone and Gaskill traveled between the locations, but after changes in the bank charter law, the Winona Charter was merged with Oberlin and Oberlin became the headquarters.

In the years since 1989 THE BANK has merged with or acquired Selden State Bank; Atwood State Bank and branch in Herndon; Jennings State Bank; Gold Bank branches in Oberlin, Norcatur, and Colby, and a failed branch of Heritage Savings and Loan in Norton. And, as of late 2012, THE BANK has acquired three branches of First National Bank in Bird City, Colby, and Quinter.

Under the leadership of Gaskill, THE BANK has consistently been a top-performing bank. Bauer, an independent bank rating company, rates THE BANK 5-Star; the highest rating possible based on both earnings and capital. IDC Financial rates THE BANK almost perfect at 99.26% in their quality rating of financial institutions for safety and soundness. The American Banker awarded THE BANK "The Best All-Around Agriculture Lender" in the entire USA award in 1996. We are proud of our dedication to finance our community. THE BANK is a progressive and forward-looking institution placing customer service at the forefront of priorities.

Stop by and see any of our friendly, knowledgeable staff for your banking needs.


C.F. and Frank Howard chartered the Bank of Atwood on March 25, 1893, making it the first and oldest bank in Rawlins County. Several years later, its name changed to the State Bank of Atwood. In 1987, the State Bank of Atwood became unique in Kansas by being the first bank to open a branch bank, located in Herndon, Kansas. In 1992 it was purchased by THE BANK, and in January of 1995, the State Bank of Atwood became the Atwood branch of THE BANK.

Bird City

This location has been serving Cheyenne County since 1929. Bird City was acquired from First National Bank in 2012 becoming a branch of THE BANK, alongside Quinter and the current location in Colby.


Formerly the Gold Bank, this bank was purchased by THE BANK and reopened to serve you on May 6, 2002. Through the acquisition of First National Bank in 2012, our location moved to South Range Ave where it currently resides.


THE BANK, Gorham became part of The Bank in June of 2023. Originally, the Gorham State Bank was first chartered in 1905 through the effort of Elijah Dodge Gorham, founder of the town of Gorham, Kansas, William T. Foster and others. The bank has served it community through many events such as the Great Depression, and the ups and downs of the agricultural economy.


The Citizens State Bank of Grainfield (one of three banks in Grainfield) was organized March 29, 1905. The first shares of stock were issued May 8, 1905, to W.J. Heiney. In 1910 the bank was sold to Martin Sutcliffe. After the death of Mr. Sutcliffe, his sons took over and carried on until July 1973 when the bank sold to Lee and Jan McCubbin.

August 2014 The McCubbin's sold the Citizens State Bank to The Bank, which is now one of the branches of The Bank


The First State Bank of Jennings opened in 1905. After years of doing business, its name was changed to Jennings Bank in 1978. Jennings Bank merged with THE BANK in 1988 to become a branch of THE BANK of Oberlin.


THE BANK, Norton was purchased in 1990 from Peoples Heritage. Located on Highway 36, it offers a convenient location to do your banking. This is a full-service branch, offering the full line of THE BANK products and services.


THE BANK of Oakley, Kansas opened for business on January 2, 1989 after a change in state banking laws allowed the Farmers State Bank of Winona to move its charter to Oakley and simultaneously branch back to Winona. In 1997, THE BANK of Oakley became a branch of THE BANK of Oberlin. Today we are "THE BANK of Kansas", with the same management and ownership since our inception in 1989.


In 2012, THE BANK acquired First National Bank in Quinter, which also brought along Bird City and Colby’s current location.


THE BANK, Selden was purchased in 1984 from the failed Farmers State Bank. The new name was Selden State Bank. In 1995, Selden State Bank merged with THE BANK. It is located on Kansas Avenue off Highway 83 in Sheridan County. This is a full-service branch, which offers all the banking services one needs.


THE BANK, Victoria became part of The Bank through a merger in June of 2023 from Gorham State Bank. First chartered in 1905 through the effort of Elijah Dodge Gorham, founder of the town of Gorham, Kansas.


THE BANK of Winona is now a branch of THE BANK of Oberlin, but it is also the beginning of THE BANK's story. R.L. Gaskill purchased this bank, originally known as the Farmers State bank in 1963. Over the winter of 63'-64', a new building was built to house the institution, and on May 11, 1964, we opened for business at the new location. As a way of showing their appreciation, local community members helped move the old safe to the new building. Although we have evolved to become THE BANK, we still have virtually the same ownership and management today.

Many local bankers have begun their careers in Winona. The current manager of THE BANK Winona, is the son of R.L. Gaskill. Executive Vice President Guy Gaskill began his banking career in Winona in 1989 after a year with the FDIC. Guy graduated with a degree in accounting from the University of Kansas, and is a fourth generation banker.